Getting started: Photograph your Stamps

In order to start using the Stamp Analyser, you will need images of the stamps that you want to analyze.

There are three ways of obtaining the images.

  1. Scan your stamps; simple and by far the best method, click here  for the procedure;
  2. Photograph your stamps; tricky but doable, see below for the procedure;
  3. Obtain the stamp images from any website, click here  for the procedure;     

Photograph your stamps

First, get and print the QR code from here, then follow these guidelines:

  1. Start the camera by selecting  the “Camera Icon”  from the tools menu of Stamp Analyser’s  main screen;
  2. Place each stamp on a black background next to the QR code as shown here ;
  3. Mount the camera on a stable platform such as a tripod, a stack of books or a box will work just fine.
  4. The stamp should be lying flat and not curled-up. The photo should be taken head-on  i.e, camera parallel to the stamp;  To help set up the camera head-on, the roll and pitch values of the iPhone/iPad are displayed.  When these values are zero then the camera is in the correct position to take the photos. This latter feature is available in version 8 and above.
  5. For the iPhone the camera should be around 3 inches from the stamp; increase this distance for the iPad to around 6 inches.
  6. Diffused light works best.  Avoid bright lights, including direct or indirect bright sunlight.
  7. Once you have set up the camera, run a test with a stamp of known perforations. This will ensure that you have the correct setup.
  8. You can then photograph as many stamps as you want using the same QR code.

After the photo is taken,  the Stamp Analyser will present a Crop View.  Click here to see an example of the Crop view with a crop rectangle.  Crop out everything, including the QR code, leaving just the stamp with a small border around it. You do this by dragging and sizing the crop rectangle to fit around the stamp. Click here to see an example of the Camera view with crop rectangle positioned around the stamp. Once the crop rectangle is positioned around the stamp, you can  select “Analyse.”