Getting started  : Photograph your Stamps

In order to start using the Stamp Analyser, you will need  images of the stamps that you want to analyse.

There are three ways of obtaining the images.

  1. Scan your stamps; simple and by far the best method, click here  for the procedure;
  2. Photograph your stamps; tricky but doable, see below for the procedure;
  3. Obtain the stamp images from any website, click here  for the procedure;   

Photograph your stamps

The procedure for photographing stamps using the device camera is the same for the iPad and the iPhone. There are two types of photographed stamp images that can be  input in to the Stamp Analyser.

  1. A Stamp photographed by itself;
  2. A Stamp photographed together with a Rakium supplied QR code.

When an image is photographed by itself and analysed by the Stamp Analyser, only the centering results will be accurate. The perforation calculations and frame dimensions will be based on an arbitrary DPI of 72 . This is because the  Stamp Analyser has no way of determining the DPI.  However, when the stamp is photographed together with the Rakium supplied QR code and analysed by the Stamp Analyser, the centering information, the perforations and the frame dimensions will all be accurate. In this latter case the Stamp Analyser is able to calculate the DPI from the information in the QR code.

To photograph a stamp, place  the stamp on a black  background, and if using a QR code, place the QR code next to the Stamp. 

  • Start the  camera by selecting  the “Camera Icon”  from  the tools menu of Stamp Analyser’s  main screen; click here to see an example of a Camera View displayed when you start the camera.
  • Focus the image by  tapping the stamp  in the Camera View.
  • When the “snap” option is presented, you can press it to take a photo. Click here to see the Camera view with the snap option enabled. Notice the yellow box around the QR code. This signifies that the Stamp Analyser has recognized the QR code.

After the photo is taken,  the Stamp Analyser will present a Crop View.  Click here to see an example of the Crop view with a crop rectangle.  Crop out everything, including the QR code, leaving just the stamp with a small border around it. You do this by dragging and sizing the crop rectangle to fit around the stamp. Click here to see an example of the Camera view with crop rectangle positioned around the stamp. Once the crop rectangle is positioned around the stamp, you can  select “Analyse.”

In all of the above cases the cropped Stamp image will be saved in your photo library.

For accurate results, it is essential to take a good close-up photo of the stamp.  Lighting and focus are the two essential ingredients of a good photo. Also, ensure that the stamp is lying flat and the photo is taken head-on  ( i.e camera parallel to the stamp ); and that the camera is mounted on  a stable platform such as a tripod. The resulting image should not be distorted or be out of focus.