The QR code is deprecated as of IOS version 9

Starting from version 9.0, we use coins as a reference to photograph stamps instead of the QR code. If your IOS device runs IOS 10 or higher, we recommend you update the Stamp Analyser.

The Rakium QR code is used when photographing stamps. Its purpose is to allow the Stamp Analyser to calculate the DPI of the photographed stamps.

To display the QR code, click here. Drag the displayed image to your desktop and print it with the print size set to 1.25 by 1.25 Inches.  Note:  It is important to print it 1.25 inches by 1.25 inches for accurate determination of the perforations and the stamp frame dimensions.

One  easy way to print is to use iPhoto  application, as follows:

  1. Import the QR code image into iPhoto
  2. Select the imported QR image in iPhoto
  3. Select Print from the iPhoto menu
  4. Set paper size to A4
  5. Set Aspect ratio to Custom
  6. Set “Print size” to 1.25inchesX1.25 inches. The size of the visible part of printed QR code will be as shown here.
  7. Print
  8. If you do cut out the QR code, leave a “large” border around the QR code to prevent the paper from curling up. we recommend not to cut it out.

At present, AirPrint on the IOS devices does not let you set the paper or image size. Therefore, you do need a Mac or PC connected to a printer in order to print the QR code as described above.